Hosting and Cloud Transformation Summit North America — October 6-8, 2014

451 Research is proud to be celebrating the 10th Anniversary of The Hosting + Cloud Transformation Summit in 2014!

This Year's Event Theme - The Cloud: Whose Market is it?

Hosting + Cloud Transformation Summit 2014 will focus on what and whom is driving the cloud market as it enters the next stage of maturity. How is enterprise demand dictating the direction the market is heading and how are cloud providers reacting as they monetize their cloud investments? The cloud landscape continues to rapidly evolve as enterprise moves from the early adoption stage and continues its journey to the cloud. Fueled by acquisitions and investments in innovation, service providers have repositioned themselves to compete by their own rules. So whose market is this?
* * * Keynote Speaker Confirmed - "Flash Boys" Ronan Ryan * * *

As one of the founding members of the Investors Exchange, network and infrastructure expert Ronan Ryan is part of the team working to restore trust to the stock market, as chronicled in Michael Lewis’ latest best-seller, Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt. The best-selling book highlights the work of Ronan Ryan and Brad Katsuyama in exposing the electronic front-running in high frequency trading, and their founding of IEX Group in response. It has received rave reviews in The New York Times, The Financial Times and The Guardian to name but a few.

One of the most provocative books ever to hit the financial market, the story reveals how computerized high-frequency trading (HFT) has allowed certain Wall Street players to work the stock market to their advantage. Brad Katsuyama (former Head of Electronic Trading at RBC and President of IEX) was one of the first to notice how the HFTs were costing his clients millions of dollars. To better understand the technology at the root of such losses (known as “flash crashes”), Brad consulted Ryan, whose network and cable infrastructure expertise had helped some of the world’s fastest traders become faster. RonanRyan

Ronan has over 9 years of experience in the financial services industry and over 17 years of experience in networking infrastructure. Ronan previously was the Head of Electronic Trading Strategy at RBC Capital Markets, where he used his prior experience in network, hardware, and co-location technology to generate client-facing solutions. Prior to working at RBC, Ronan was the Head of Financial Services Development at Switch and Data and Head of DMA and Co-location solutions at BT Radianz where he serviced some of the largest trading firms in the financial industry.

Conference Chair
Brett Azuma - Senior Vice President, Research - 451 Research
Senior Vice President, Research


Brett provides leadership, direction and operational management to 451 Research's analyst team. This includes responsibility for the research agenda and analyst process -- ensuring that 451 Research continues to be insightful, with a focus on innovation; to be objective, reliably thorough and accurate; and, most importantly, to ensure that 451 Research delivers value to our clients. Prior to joining 451 Research, Brett was Managing Director (President) of Ovum; President of Ovum North America; Executive Vice President of Research at RHK; Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales at IP Unity (now Movius); Group Vice President and Chief Analyst at Gartner; and Director of Product Management at Pacific Bell (now AT&T). Throughout his career, Brett has managed through nearly a dozen company integrations.